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Legion Partners serves select institutional and high net worth clients.

Our investment objective is to achieve superior long-term returns for clients by primarily investing in deeply undervalued equity and debt securities of small- and mid-cap North American companies. We focus on identifying companies trading at a significant discount to intrinsic value.

Our investment process is intricately driven by two primary functions: security selection and professional shareholder activism.

Our value-oriented investment strategy embraces an active ownership role, generally known as corporate governance or activism. We employ a private equity approach to public equity investing, specializing in fundamental research, long-term oriented investing and building productive relationships with portfolio companies. Our dedicated activist investment management style involves engaging and partnering with management teams and boards of directors of publicly traded companies to assist in unlocking substantial shareholder value and achieving enhanced long-term performance.

We seek to fulfill a more comprehensive ownership and leadership support role in corporate governance through a unique collaboration with our investment partners by applying highly constructive, long-term oriented public equity ownership.