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Activism that Creates and Accelerates Value

Key Areas of Focus

Strategy & Operations
  • Implement strategic changes based on proprietary research
  • Benchmark operational efficiency to expose improvement opportunities
Capital Allocation
  • Advocate for capital allocation discipline that creates long-term value with a focus on capital efficiency and ROIC
  • Design and implement optimal capital structure
  • Evaluate management team to ensure they have the proper skills to lead the company; and drive changes as necessary
  • Tie executive compensation to key performance metrics
Corporate Governance
  • Assess and potentially reconstitute board with proven industry leaders
  • Align interest of board with those of shareholders
  • Focus on corporate culture including commitment to ESG principles
Investor Communication
  • Collaborate with company to improve quality of communication, disclosures and transparency
  • Restore investor confidence with clearer communication strategy
Strategic Alternatives
  • Advocate for review of strategic alternatives to unlock shareholder value
  • Drive M&A and divestitures as appropriate